Skin Fortifying Mood Boosting Hemp Milk

Here is a recipe for hemp milk that I've been absolutely loving lately! When I drink a glass of this freshly made hemp milk I notice an immediate calming yet energizing effect, and drinking this milk regularly has made my skin very soft and smooth.

Hemp seeds are loaded with MAGNESIUM. Just 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds contain over 80% of our daily need for magnesium. That's crazy good!! Magnesium is a cofactor that helps over 300 enzymes do their thang in the body. Energy production. Fluid balance. Nerve transmission. DNA synthesis.

Guys!!! I drink coffee and it's SO draining of so many nutrients especially magnesium so when I drink this stuff the effects are noticeable within MINUTES. It's super calming. Great for mood and menstrual cramps I'm noticing.

Hemp seeds are also rich in OMEGA 3 FATS & VITAMIN A. Both will lower inflammation and nourish the skin. I have been noticing much less redness in my skin and it's so soft and smooth!

In addition to those nutrients and these effects that I've noticed the most, hemp seeds are also rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, and protein.

Savy's Favorite Hemp Milk 3 tablespoons hemp seeds (I recommend these ones) 1 tablespoon sweetener (I love agave nectar because it is low glycemic) A pinch of salt 1 cup and a half water

Optional: a couple of ice cubes to make extra cold

Some flavor ingredients you could also add: cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa powder, carob, turmeric

Instructions 1. Add ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend until very smooth.

2. You can choose to strain with a strainer or a nut milk bag (but its not that gritty without straining so that's up you!)

3. Pour into a glass and enjoy or store in a container to add to smoothies or cereals.

This milk will last 3-4 days in the fridge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

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