Fruit. Fat. Forage. is a raw food cleanse designed for rapid detox and weight loss! In 5 short days, a bounty of raw fruits and vegetables will help you feel more energized, clear mucus, brighten skin, and reduce bloating. Fruit. Fat. Forage. contains over 55 cleansing raw food recipes and a simple 5 day meal plan. Many people experience weight loss and health changes quickly on this plan!

Here's how we'll do it!


An optional but highly suggested aspect of this detox is intermittent fasting. Fasting greatly aids in detoxification and weight loss. It gives your body time to “clean house” by removing toxins and recycling damaged cell parts. This helps to dampen inflammation, slows down the aging process, and burns a lot of body fat! During the morning you can choose to fast. If you are unaccustomed to fasting, you can eat your first meal earlier if necessary! We will help make these hours of fasting effortless with delicious recipes for

~Water infusions

~Warming tea

~Non-caloric green juices


The first meal of the day on your cleanse will be fruit-based to provide rich amounts of micronutrients, water, and easily absorbed fruit sugars! Fruit is great for detox and fat loss because it’s sugars have a minimal and short lived effect on insulin. Insulin is a hormone that stops fat cells from releasing stored fat, and thereby the toxins contained in them. You will feel energized off of fruit energy, without interfering with fat loss and detox. Examples of our fruit-based recipes include:

~Mono Fruit Meals & Mixed Fruit Bowls

~Smoothies & Ice Creams

~Banana Cinnamon Buns, Rawnola Bars, & more!


The second meal of the day will be in the evening and will focus on "Fat"-rich foods (nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut) paired with "Forage" (green leafy vegetables, colorful vegetables, mushrooms). This meal will be more satiating and grounding than your daytime fruit meal to relax your body before bed! The fiber in this meal will help clear out mucus that may be built up on the walls of your digestive track. This will improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, making you feel light and energized! Examples of Fat+Forage Meals include:

~Raw Soups/Stews with Raw Bread/Crackers

~Salads with Nut/Seed Based Dressings 

~Healthy "Junk Food" Favorites like Raw French Fries, Burgers, Sushi, Burrito Wraps & Pizza!


Here are some ideas of what you can eat on Fruit. Fat. Forage.!


" I came across Savy’s website when I was researching how to eat healthy on a raw food diet. Her Fruit. Fat. Forage. diet is by far the most logical and enjoyable style of raw vegan eating I’ve come across! I feel great, and have a ton of energy. I felt lighter, calm, peaceful, and stress-free. My coworker actually told me that I looked like I was glowing! Savy’s diet has allowed me to quit coffee (something I’ve struggled to do for years) because I feel so energized and light all the time, I just don’t need it anymore! Anyone who’s wanting great results in a short amount of time should definitely consider this program! "   ~ Diane Wingert

 " I tried Savy's Fruit. Fat. Forage. for 5 days and the results were amazing! I went shopping and followed all the recipes she gave and I was so excited to cleanse my body, get all the toxins out, and lose some weight. Just 5 days in I had more energy and had lost 6.2 pounds! Her books are great and I suggest anyone wanting to kick start their body to try out this program!"  ~  Shannon Marie Rice

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Raw Food Recipes For Detox & Rapid Weight Loss

102 Colorful Pages Including:

5 Day Meal Plan

45+ Detoxifying Raw Food Recipes 

Summary of Program & Benefits

List of Foods to Avoid 

Other Cleansing Practices 




215 Colorful Pages Including:

ALL Content from BOTH our

programs for people committed to getting healthy and losing weight on a plant-based diet! 


Nutrient-Rich Plant-Based Recipes For Health & Weight Loss 

113 Colorful Pages Including:

14 Day Meal Plan

Over 50 Nutrient-Rich Recipes

Daily Checklist

Supplementation Guide 

MicroVore Meal Formulas

Grocery Shopping List

PLEASE NOTE: All my Meal Plans are in an eBook PDF format that can be used on all computers, tablets, and phones.

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" I love love LOVE this cleanse!! The fruits in the daytime and fats at night kept me energized and FULL. I did not go hungry once, yet I could tell I was losing tons of weight. I didn’t even weigh myself until the end of the 5 days and had lost 7 POUNDS. I kept going for another 7 days after that because I was feeling so good, and lost another 4.5 pounds. After that I started to incorporate cooked foods and bought Savy’s Microvore Diet recipe book which is also awesome! Thanks for what you do Savy, I’m feeling fantastic and have you to thank for it! "

~ Brianna Lausinger

 " I went on the Fruit, Fat, Forage Detox for 11 days. Fasting until my "breakfast" meal was no problem at all. The meals tasted great and they gave me a feeling of well being and peace! Ten days earlier I went off meat and the detox gave me a plan and a jumpstart to go off all dairy products as well. During the detox I lost 5 pounds. I wanted to do the detox longer than 5 days and so I did it for 11. By then I was ready for more food so I transitioned into the Microvore Diet. Almost a month later I have lost a total of 11 pounds. My digestion is much better and I have had more energy!! I even started jogging and I'm working towards running a 5K! Usually my lungs have a feeling of cramping on exertion as I have some minimal asthma. I can tell a big difference while jogging and the cramping pain in my lungs is virtually gone as I'm slowly working up to my goal. This way of eating has made me feel nourished and full at each meal so I do very little snacking. Thank You Savy for your recipes and instructions in your e-books. It has been very easy to follow and I'm so happy to have found you! I will be doing the detox again soon. Thank you also for your posts on social media and your extra recipes. I also enjoy what you have put on You-Tube. All of this helps me to stay motivated. I have some more weight to lose and I'm excited to see what the next 6 months brings. Keep up the good work!! " ~  Leanne Gadeski Phillips

Savanna Stanhope is a nutrition expert and author of The Microvore Diet and Fruit. Fat. Forage.
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