The MicroVore Diet is for people who want to look and feel amazing on a plant-based diet! It emphasizes micronutrient-rich whole plant foods and macro-balanced meals to support optimal energy levels, beautiful skin, smooth digestion and a naturally lean physique! The MicroVore Diet contains science-based advice, over 55 recipes, and a 14 day meal plan!


Your body requires 23+ vitamins and minerals, amino acids, essential fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. Even if you're eating a whole foods plant-based diet, if you're not meeting your nutrient needs, symptoms will pop up like acne, tiredness, weight gain, and poor digestion. The MicroVore Diet provides food lists that make it easy to eat the HEALTHIEST plant foods on a daily basis. 

~MicroVore Easy 8 (eat everyday!)

~Foods To Avoid 

~Must-Have Supplements

~Daily Checklist


Plant foods contain different amounts of carbohydrates, fat, and protein which have different effects on your energy levels and satiety (fullness after meals). The wrong macro-balance can energize you but leave you hungry soon after. Or make you full after eating but sluggish and tired. Macrobalance is a unique feature of The MicroVore Diet that promotes energy and satiety for 3-5 hours after eating! This is especially effective for those seeking to lose weight and improve digestion, because it helps reduce unnecessary snacking, and binging on unhealthy foods. 

~The MicroVore Meal Formula

~Weight Loss Boosting Formula 

~55 Nutrient-Rich & Macro-Balanced Recipes 


A big part of success in anything is creating helpful habits that make it easy to be consistent. Planning ahead and being prepared will save you time, money, and stress so you can tackle the important things in your life without your diet consuming your thoughts and energy. Food will become fuel, rather than a fixation. Here's how we'll help!

~14 Day MicroVore Diet Meal Plan

~Grocery Shopping Guide & List 

~Daily Checklist

~Meal Preparation Ideas

 " Hi Savy! I know you don't know me, but over the last week and a half, I purchased your microvore diet bundle and have been following the microvore diet and your YouTube channel everyday. In 10 days, I have lost 5 pounds, regained my energy and feel so good about all the abundant nutrients I am feeding my body! I have been vegan for 8 years and I feel I have literally tried everything, until the Microvore diet. It has been a very long time since I have seen the woman looking back at me in the mirror and I really have you to thank for that. I truly admire your knowledge and spirit and hope you continue to spread these for a long time to come. Thank you again so much! "  ~ Christina Henderson

 " Hi I have made many meals using the Microvore diet advice. I've never felt so completely satisfied with a meal and still lost weight. My digestion has been a major issue since my surgery (ruptured, enlarged appendectomy) I had 18 years ago (wow!) and now I can finally say that digestion is easier and more efficient than ever. This is my sixth day and I'm already boasting results that took five weeks on RawTill4...and then quickly turned into another "muffin top". I gained back all the weight I lost which was about 4 lbs. and then I said "screw this". I want to be a healthy Vegan! And that muffin top was not an indicator of health. I feel incredible now and thank you for this gift Savy!!"   ~ Monica Palombo

 " The Microvore Diet is the absolute best vegan diet that I’ve found. I love that it promotes complete nutrition and micro-nutrients. I wish more vegan Youtubers would take a similar approach to diets instead of religious adherence to macro ratios that are in fact NOT always nutritionally complete." ~ Carmen Chilson


Nutrient-Rich Vegan Recipes For Health & Weight Loss 

113 Colorful Pages Including:

14 Day Meal Plan

Over 50 Nutrient-Rich Recipes

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MicroVore Meal Formulas

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215 Colorful Pages Including:

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programs for people committed to getting healthy and losing weight on a plant-based diet! 


Raw Vegan Recipes For Detox & Rapid Weight Loss

102 Colorful Pages Including:

5 Day Meal Plan

45+ Detoxifying Raw Food Recipes 

Summary of Program & Benefits

List of Foods to Avoid 

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Here are some ideas of what you can eat on The Microvore Diet!

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" I had lost weight previously from dieting but I wasn’t “lean” and was always feeling hungry. After a meal I was already thinking what am I going to eat in 3 hours. Since I started the Microvore Diet I have definitely lost that extra fat and I am rarely hungry and I feel fully energized! "   ~Maria Mallett

Savanna Stanhope is a nutrition expert and author of The Microvore Diet, Fruit. Fat. Forage., and Kind Keto!
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