Best Vegan Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is produced by the skin when exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun. It circulates as a hormone in the blood, regulating the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream and the remodeling of bone.

Depending on your location in the world and the season, it may be necessary to supplement with Vitamin D to ensure your levels are where they need to be. In locations above 42 degrees north latitude, vitamin D production does not occur from late October through early March, so you may want to consider taking a daily supplement providing at least 600 IU.

Animal ingredients can hide under seemingly innocent names like gelatin, magnesium stearate, lanolin, carmine and others. We’ve created this list of the best vegan vitamin D supplements so you can feel reassured you are meeting your nutritional needs in an ethical vegan way!

TOP PICK Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 Gummies

Even adults love gummy vitamins! The Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 Gummies contains 250% of the recommended daily intake of the vitamin, so it’s a good option for daily use.

The supplement is made from organic ingredients and is free from gluten, artificial flavors and colors, and preservatives. Because of their berry flavor and the fact that they’re chewable, this is a perfect option for vegan children. There are 120 one-gummy servings per bottle.

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DailyD Vegan Vitamin D3 Formula with Vitashine

Available in a year’s supply bottle with 365 capsules, DailyD capsules contain Vitashine, a plant-derived Vitamin D3 from lichen extract.

In addition to being effective and coming in a convenient year’s supply bottle, the company also donates one bottle of vitamins for every purchase. So in this case, a year’s supply of Vitamin D3 supplement for you also provides a child in need with a year’s supply of the vitamin.

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Country Life Vegan D3 Capsules

Certified vegan by the AVA, Country Life's powerful softgels contain 5,000 UI of Vitamin D3 per serving. The easy-to-take softgels are made from vegetable glycerin, and are tiny, which makes them good for those who have trouble swallowing large pills - they’re no larger than a baby aspirin.

This supplement uses Vitashine, a plant-based Vitamin D3 derived from lichen. Many reviewers note a discernable change in energy, mood, and mental clarity after taking these supplements.

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Doctor’s Best Vegan Vitamin D3

Registered with the UK Vegan Society, Doctor’s Best vegan Vitamin D3 supplements contain 2,500 UI of Vitamin D3 per veggie capsule.

The company uses modified cellulose to create a vegetarian-friendly capsule for vegan diets and easy consumption. Additionally, these supplements are the most affordable of the bunch, so it’s a good option for those on tight budgets who still want to get all the necessary nutrients from a vegan diet. It is free of carrageenan and made entirely from plant-based ingredients.

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MRM Vegan Vitamin D3

This supplement contains over 1,000% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D3 and is free of sugar, wheat, eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts, and other food allergens. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules containing 5,000 UI of Vitamin D3 each. The capsules are GMO-free and non-GMO project registered.

Reviewers find this supplement to be easy to swallow, due to the small size of each tablet, and easy on the stomach, with no trace of queasiness or nausea despite the high amount of the vitamin. It’s also extremely effective - many people who suffered from low levels of the vitamin have had to cut back over time because their levels of D3 are now too high.

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Adding a vegan-friendly supplement to your diet is a smart way to make sure you’re getting enough of this vital nutrient to keep your body it’s healthiest!

No matter your budget, preferences, or consumption needs, we hope that the vegan-friendly Vitamin D supplements shared in this article will work perfectly with your lifestyle, without the need to include any meat, dairy, or egg products!

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