Best Vegan Green Powders

Green powders are a great way to boost nutrition and get in a variety of fruits and vegetables in a single glass! While eating whole plant-foods is an ensured path to good health, vegans can still greatly benefit from green and superfood powders. These formulas can potentially prevent nutrient deficiencies, control food cravings, and aid in weight loss! Green superfood powders provide concentrated forms of disease-fighting fruits, vegetables, microalgae, probiotics and sea vegetables!

Taste vs. Nutritional Density

General speaking, the better a superfood product tastes, the lower the nutritional density. Why is this? It is because the most nutritionally dense superfoods -- such as chlorella, spirulina, broccoli sprouts-- often have very strong tastes that seem unusual to people used to drinking sugary beverages like sodas or processed fruit juices.

Over time, any person can become accustomed to even the most nutritionally dense superfoods. The sharp taste of broccoli may seem very strange at first, but after a few days of drinking broccoli juice or extracts, the tongue will become desensitized to the taste. What once seemed offensive can come to taste rather mild or even pleasant in a relatively short period of time!

This article will list the best-tasting to the most potent-tasting green formulas. All of these powders can simply be mixed with plain water or sweetened with stevia, agave nectar, or other natural sweeteners. You can also try adding them to fruit smoothies to disguise the taste.

Miracle Reds and Macro Greens

Miracle Reds is really delicious, especially when blended with a banana, apple or other sweet fruit. The company that makes Miracle Reds (Macro Life Naturals) also makes "Macro Greens," but most people think the "Reds" taste better because there are more fruits.

The nutrient density provides really strong nutritional benefits, including heart disease prevention, nervous system protection, cancer prevention and much more. Definitely a solid product loaded with highly nutritious ingredients!

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Amazing Grass

The chocolate flavour of this superfood product is great for both kids and adults. If you're trying to get your child to drink superfoods, this is a great product to start with!

Amazing Grass is sweetened with cane sugar, which can spike insulin and cause inflammation in the body. Paired with the superfood ingredients in this formula, the sugar should not pose much of a health issue, both for those paying close attention to their sugar intake for weight loss or health goals, you may want to choose a sugar-free formula instead.

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Emerald Balance and X Balance

In terms of overall taste vs. overall nutritional density, the Emerald Balance and X Balance products earn our highest recommendation. These products taste remarkably great, even to folks who are new to superfoods. If you're brand new to superfoods, go for the chocolate-flavored X Balance product first. You'll love it! The Emerald Balance product, in contrast, has a bit of a minty flavor to it, which mixes really well with frozen bananas and almond milk.

What really impressive about the Emerald Balance and X Balance products is how they manage to taste so incredibly good even when they have such high nutritional density. The Emerald Balance products are sold in larger containers than many other products, so although the total expenditure may be higher, the price per ounce is a very good value.

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BOKU Superfood

With BOKU Superfood, we're getting into a higher class of nutritional potency. In all the products that follow, taste is not the primary selling feature. None of these products taste as good as Emerald Balance or Miracle Reds. BOKU Superfood is absolutely loaded with anti-cancer nutrients, anti-heart disease nutrients, anti-diabetes, anti-obesity, etc. It contains natural medicines that scientific literature has clearly shown to prevent Alzheimer's disease, colon cancer, depression, osteoporosis, and so much more. This is the product to choose if you're looking for hard-core nutrition for preventing serious disease. Definitely do not try BOKU Superfood as your entry-level product if you're new to superfoods. Start with something a little less potent.

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Vitamineral Green

The Vitamineral Green product from HealthForce Nutritionals is legendary in the raw foods community. Formulated by raw foods pioneer Dr. Jameth Sheridan. The taste is intense. It's strong, even for people who drink a lot of fresh vegetables juices.

This is one of the most nutritionally dense superfood products on the market today. If you're seriously looking to combat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression or other chronic conditions, and you want support from a genuine superfood product, we strongly recommend you check out Vitamineral Green. Be warned though, beginners may be turned off by the intense flavor of this product!

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Pure Synergy

Pure Synergy tastes pretty wicked to those who are new to superfoods. It's similar to Vitamineral Green and the taste can tolerated by hard-core health nuts. Pure Synergy is packed with disease-fighting nutrients. There are literally thousands of phytonutrients (natural, plant-based medicines) in this product. This is one the best medicines in the world for preventing disease and enhancing health.

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Closing Words

If you’re wanting to boost nutrition, prevent deficiencies, and control cravings, green powders are a great way to get in a variety of nutrients and phytochemicals! While eating whole plant-foods should also be prioritized, supplementing with a green and superfood powder can provide some extra insurance that you’re getting what you need to look and feel your best!

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