5 Reasons To Try A Raw Vegan Diet

A raw food cleanse can be a super effective way to promote detoxification, healing, and fast weight loss. Fruit. Fat. Forage. is our raw vegan detox program that can be practiced on a periodic basis for fast health results.

This article will explore why raw foods are great for reducing body fat while supporting overall health, as well as how eating mindfully can lead to many positive life changes!

Less Glucose = Faster Weight Loss

Insulin is a hormone that is released by the pancreas in response to glucose, a carbohydrate molecule. Insulin’s job is to unlock the door to cells and allow glucose to enter to be burned for energy.

Another effect of insulin is unlocking the door to fat cells to allow fat inside to be stored, while also preventing fat from being burned.

Long story short, insulin is a major factor in causing fat gain and preventing fat loss. This does not mean that we need to avoid carbohydrates in our diet in order to lose weight. But one of the reasons why a raw food cleanse is so effective for fat loss is that the major food sources: fruit, nuts, seeds, avocados, and vegetables have a minimal effect on blood sugar.

Fruit contains two sugars: glucose and fructose, and fructose does not require insulin. Fruit has less of an impact on blood sugar and thereby the amount of insulin hanging around in the blood. The sugars in fruit still give you plenty of energy without interfering with fat loss and detox.

In our program, sources of Fat and Forage including nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, vegetables and mushrooms likewise are low in glucose. They will fill you up and nourish you without disrupting detox and weight loss.

Less Complexity = More Energy

On Fruit. Fat. Forage. we recommend avoiding or reducing complex carbohydrate and protein-rich foods on this cleanse.

There is nothing wrong with long term raw vegans eating soaked raw legumes, grains, and other sources of high protein and high complex carb foods.

However with the intent of ultimate ease of digestion and absorption, sticking with easy to digest fruits, fats, and veggies are prioritized on this cleanse.

The reason for this is that complex carbohydrates and protein require energy and water to split the bonds of the molecules to be absorbed into the body. This can be dehydrating and energy draining.

On this cleanse, we want nutrients and energy molecules to be easily assimilated to induce and support natural detoxification and fat loss.

Simple sugars from fruit and fatty acids from fats are easily absorbed and can go directly to healing your body instead of exhausting your body’s resources by having to digest complex food.

With all the energy that is saved by eating more simply, you are likely to notice a positive shift in your energy, mood, and motivation to move around and engage in physical activities that will break down and burn your body fat.

Less Mucus = More Absorption

Mucus is wonderful and necessary substance in our body. In our digestive tract it helps coat the lining of our intestines so they are not damaged by acidic stomach acid and enzymes that could literally eat you alive if not for mucus!

However, due to our society’s long standing love affair with processed, high protein, and low fiber foods, most of us have more mucus than necessary, and are suffering from nutrient absorption issues because of it.

While having the right amount of mucus is protective, having too much makes it harder for nutrients to pass from the intestinal lumen into your bloodstream or lymphatic system.

Nutrients are not technically inside your body until they have been absorbed. The nutrients that you eat may not be making it inside you to help you heal and detoxify.

By periodically avoiding complex carbohydrate and high protein foods (which can cause excess mucus), and instead opting for fresh raw fruit, fats, and vegetables, you can “clean the pipes” of your digestion system of excess mucus that has built up over time.

Raw fibrous vegetables and citrus fruits (lime, lemon, oranges, grapefruit) are particularly effective at this. Regulating the amount of mucus in the GI tract will help you absorb nutrients better and facilitate detox and weight loss.

Better Sleep = Lower Stress

Ever wake up the morning feeling just as tired as when you went to sleep? Do you ever have a hard time falling and staying asleep at night? If this sounds like you, you’ll know it’s very hard to feel motivated to be active and make healthy habits when your sleep cycle is out of whack and you’re running on fumes.

A wonderful benefit of eating fresh raw foods is that, for most people, their sleep improves drastically. Like we discussed before, the less complex your meals are to digest, the more energy that is left over to fuel other body processes.

Applying this to sleep, when your body is not being forced to lend it’s energy to digest your food at night, it can actually do what sleep is intended to do. Heal and repair the body. Rebuild tissues and bones, create new brain cells, regulate your hormones and billions of other reactions that will allow you to wake up in the morning with a full charge, just like your cellphone!

In Fruit. Fat. Forage. we suggest having an evening meal that focuses on fat rich foods paired with vegetables (such as salads with avocados/nuts/seeds) so that you’ll be getting a variety of easily absorbed nutrients that your body can use during the night to heal. This meal will be very satiating so you can stay full all evening and avoid eating directly before bed.

You’ll be amazed at how your health will transform with better quality sleep!

New Experiences = More Enjoyment

Finally, experiments can be so much fun! Switching up your diet and trying new foods and recipes is a great opportunity to expand your eating experience.

We all need to eat, food is life! And by choosing different foods, you can change your life itself.

Yes, it’s nice to slim down and that may be why you’re considering doing a raw food cleanse, but from my own experience, weight loss is just one of the many benefits that can come with more mindful eating.

What’s most important is connecting with yourself, and firmly believing that you deserve the best of care and love in all forms. When you start manifesting this belief in what you choose to lovingly put into your body, you will become more receptive to opportunities and ideas that are blocked by negative beliefs and actions.

The world opens up when you do!

Fruit. Fat. Forage.

A raw food cleanse can be an effective way to promote detoxification, healing, and fast weight loss. If you would like simple and effective plan, check out our 5 day cleanse, Fruit. Fat. Forage. A Raw Food Guide To Rapid Detox & Weight Loss. This program provides detailed but simple guidelines, a meal plan, over 55 recipes, and other strategies for detoxification. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and it can be practiced on a periodic basis to boost health and weight loss!

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Thanks for living vegan and have a healthy day!