How To Make Vegan Weight Loss Meals

Many people experience positive changes to their bodyweight when switching over to a plant-based diet. With their old animal-based junk food favorites off the table and often a more mindful approach to eating in its place, plant-based diets have allowed many people to shed excess body fat and improve their health while doing so!

But perhaps you’ve been on this path for a while and have noticed stalls in weight loss.

Or are new to veganism and can’t help but feel confused about what approach will get you the physical results you want.

I wanted to share this formula from my vegan meal plan, The MicroVore Diet, to give you an idea of what a balanced meal that's good for weight loss can look like.

You definitely don't have to follow this formula strictly to lose weight healthily on a vegan diet. But if you want some direction in making meals that are very nutritious, energizing, and satisfying, this formula can be a good starting point!

What Can This Look Like?

This formula can be used as a guideline for creating some very delicious and healthy meals for you and your family!

In the above example a curry is made with tomatoes, peas, and carrots. Choosing 2-3 different colorful and non-starchy vegetables is a great way of getting in a lot of vitamins and minerals while not contributing too many calories.

The chickpeas and brown rice provide complex carbohydrates which are broken down slowly for energy, and protein which will help keep you full.

Sliced avocado provides healthy fats that increase the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, keep you full, and balance your hormones.

A piece of fruit can accompany this meal for a naturally sweet dessert!

In the end we have a meal that is full of vitamins and minerals, contains enough energy to fuel daily life and physical activity, and is grounding and satiating so you won't feel like snacking on unhealthy foods!

I hope this formula helps you make nutrient-rich and macro-balanced recipes for yourself so you can look and feel your best on a plant-based diet!

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Thanks for living vegan and have a healthy day!