8 Tips To Bounce Back After Holiday Indulgence

Hey, it happens! The holidays have been so much fun but now you may be wanting to get back on track and have a healthy 2019! Here are some simple ways to get started!

Hands Off The Sugar, Sugar!

Cookies, sweets, fudge, and chocolates…we love you, but all those calories without vitamins and minerals are hard for our bodies to metabolize, and actually deplete nutrient reserves. Time to swap out the sugar for something naturally sweet…

Fruit It Up!

Yes! Get in that natural sugar that doesn’t spike your blood glucose levels and comes with tons of nutrients and antioxidants! Acidic fruits like pineapple, orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit are also awesome for breaking down mucus and gunk in your digestive system. You’ll feel cleaner and lighter after a good ol’ fruit smoothie or fruit salad! Do it!

Leafy Greens Please

Let’s pump up our minerals with dark leafy greens! They’ll help you feel grounded, energized, and take the edge off that junk food crash you may be having right now. Spinach, romaine, kale, mustard greens…if it’s green and looks like your house plant, eat it!

Pump Up Your Protein

Indulging in refined foods can take your appetite for a thrill ride. Protein rich foods and powders can help you feel satiated and reduce the urge to keep eating those foods. Make a protein smoothie! Include tofu, beans, tempeh, and quinoa in your next meal. Snack on a protein bar instead of those leftover sweets! You’ll feel better, I promise!

Take It Easy, Breathe.

Okay now. It is only the first day of the New Year. Don’t feel like you have to change everything at once. Focus on one or a few changes and just say to yourself “just for TODAY I’m going to pass on the sweets…” “just for today I’m not going to have any soda” or “for this meal, I’m gonna get in lots of veggies and have a glass of water after”. No need to dedicate yourself to huge goals. Start simple and build momentum!

Get Active, and Have Fun!

Take your mind off food entirely by getting out for a nice walk, on your own or with your family and friends! Go to the gym if you can handle the flood of “new years new members” and just move and stretch and have fun doing it!

Go To Bed Early Tonight

Tuck in as early as you can tonight and don’t spend your moments before bed in front of a screen. Read a book, do some stretching, take a bath, listen to music. Calm your mind so sleep comes quickly and deeply so you can rest and restore!

Look Back On The Holidays With Gratitude, Not Shame!

It’s been another great year hasn't it :) It’s okay to enjoy some unhealthy foods and drinks sometimes. You got to spend time with the people you love and who love you and there’s nothing at all to feel guilty about.

As fun and satisfying as the holidays are, a new healthy start can be too! I hope these tips help you with getting back on track and having a wonderful and healthy 2019!

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Thanks for living vegan and have a healthy day!